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Sauna Sanctuaries: Wednesdays and Saturdays at the Boogeymanlane

Sauna culture is a living tradition in Finland, one that I've experienced firsthand at my family's sauna on Boogeymanlane. This wasn't just a building; it was a sanctuary of steam where time seemed to slow down and the world outside faded away. Every Wednesday and Saturday, without exception, the sauna was heated — an unhurried process that was as much a part of the ritual as the bathing itself.

Two green houses, one a Sauna behind apple trees
Green Houses at Boogeymanlane

Heating our sauna was a methodical practice, always with wood, never with electricity. The gentle crackle of firewood catching flame, the scent of birch filling the air, and the gradual warmth permeating the space were all part of the anticipation. This deliberate preparation allowed for a gradual unwinding of the mind even before the first drop of sweat beaded on the forehead.

As the stones in the sauna heater began to radiate heat, we knew that the time was near. We'd gather our towels and make our way to the modest wooden building, often surrounded by the quiet, snow-covered landscape that epitomized the Finnish countryside. Inside, the sauna's embrace was both physical and psychological, a retreat where the stresses of the week dissolved in the mist of the löyly — the steam that enveloped the room when water was thrown on the hot stones.

In this space, the outside world's hierarchies and worries had no place. Here, we were all equal, all seeking the same solace and purification that only a Finnish sauna could provide. The wooden benches, worn smooth by countless sittings, held stories of deep conversations and companionable silences.

The sessions were interspersed with breaks for fresh air, standing or sitting outside, sometimes rolling in the snow, other times just wrapped in a towel, breathing in the crispness of the Finnish air. And, true to tradition, the experience culminated in an 'ilapala' — the evening snack that tasted especially rewarding after the intense heat, a simple pleasure made extraordinary by the preceding contrast.

Two green houses behind an apple tree
Green houses and green apples

Our sauna on Boogeymanlane was more than just a place to cleanse; it was a testament to the Finnish way of life, a weekly touchstone that grounded us in our heritage and connected us to the elemental forces of fire, water, wood, and stone.

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Whether you're looking to learn more about its history or find tips on how to enjoy the sauna to its fullest, these links will guide you through the steam and into the heart of this cherished Finnish practice.


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