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A Journey Born from a Cherished Gift

Welcome to "Anna-Liisa's Recipe Box," a haven where the love for Nordic simplicity, natural beauty, and the joy of European culinary traditions come together. This blog and shop are the culmination of a personal journey, celebrating the art of cooking and living well, inspired by the cherished recipes of my Finnish grandmother, Anna-Liisa, and my mother, Eija, alongside the vibrant flavors of my Bulgarian heritage.

Born from a heartfelt Christmas gift in 2023—a collection of family recipes that are much more than just food preparation guides—"Anna-Liisa's Recipe Box" is a testament to the memories, traditions, and love that cooking can evoke. These recipes, intertwined with the serene landscapes of Finland and the spirited culture of Bulgaria, are my family's legacy, shared with you.

Beyond sharing these treasured recipes, "Anna-Liisa's Recipe Box" extends into a carefully curated shop. Each item in our collection is chosen with a deep sense of love and a keen eye for what brings joy and happiness to the kitchen and home. I personally select items that I adore, those that resonate with the warmth of a family meal, the comfort of a well-set table, or the delight of giving a thoughtful, handcrafted gift.

My selection process is guided by a few simple principles: quality, authenticity, and the joy of use. We prioritize products that are not only organic and sustainably sourced from across Europe but also carry a story that connects with our values. From artisanal kitchen tools that make cooking a pleasure to organic ingredients that elevate your meals and handcrafted items that add a touch of Nordic charm to your home, each product is chosen because it's something I love and believe will make you, your family, or a friend truly happy.

As the heart behind "Anna-Liisa's Recipe Box," my professional work with Sensire in food safety and quality management makes me crave healthy, trusted food choices, while my role as a mother shapes our focus on practicality, warmth, and the creation of joyous family moments.

"Anna-Liisa's Recipe Box" is more than just a blog and shop—it's a community for those who cherish the art of cooking and the joy of sharing. Here, you'll find recipes that blend Finnish calm with Bulgarian vibrancy, and items that are selected because they spark joy, enhance wellbeing, and bring a sense of happiness and satisfaction to everyday life.

Join us at "Anna-Liisa's Recipe Box" to explore a world where every meal is a celebration of heritage, every product is chosen with love, and every moment shared around the table is cherished.


Welcome to our community, where we delight in making you, your family, and your friends happy, one recipe and one handpicked item at a time.


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